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In effort to expedite an estimate for your site, please include any answers to the following questions that may apply in your email.

  • What type of services do you require?

New Web Site
Remodel Web Site
Site Maintenance
Domain Hosting
Domain Name Registry
Special Graphic or Logo Design
Order Form Page
Shopping Cart Capabilities
Secure Purchase Capabilities
Java Applets (flipping or fading pictures)
Flash Movies

  • Does this project have a pre established budget?

  • Do you have an account with a web hosting provider?

  • Do you currently have a web site and if so, what is the url?

  • Type of business, if any.

  • What have you envisioned and what are your goals for your site?

  • Is there any specific market you wish to target?

  • How many pages do you anticipate your site will be? i.e. "Cover Page", "Pedigree Page", "Directory Page", etc.

  • If you desire a shopping cart, how many products do you anticipate?

  • Include any further details or thoughts on the design or content of your site that may assist in this estimate.